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Searching Lessons
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To locate a lesson plan most appropriate for your students, use the search criteria in the Search Lessons area. You can select to search by grade level, subject area, or optionally by TEKS number. Click the Search Now button to see your search results.

Lesson plans can be searched using the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) objective identifiers. There are two different methods:

  1. Long string searching: Each TEKS objective is given an identifying “string” of letters and numbers. For example: “112.3.b.8.A” refers to the objective “group living organisms and nonliving objects” for first grade science. Teachers can enter a complete “string” into the search engine and retrieve lesson plans addressing this specific objective. Please be aware that long string searching is very specific, and that short string searching may be more effective for general browsing.
  2. Short string searching: There are many more TEKS objectives than NETx lesson plans. To see if a lesson plan references a general category of TEKS objectives, try searching using the “short string”: The chapter number for the subject and grade of interest. For example: If you enter “115.32” into the search box, the website will return all lesson plans relating to “Health 1, Grades 9-10”.
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