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Organization of the Lesson Plans

You can review the text of the lesson plan and decide if this plan is appropriate for your class. If it is, then print the lesson plan text and the associated worksheets. Make sure printable area for the left and right margins are adjusted to .3 or less. An explanation of each lesson plan component is provided for you here.


Lesson Title: Title given to the Lesson
Core Subject Area: Mathematics; Social Studies; Language Arts; Science; Fine Arts; Health; Career & Technology Education [CTE] (for middle and high school only)
Grade Level: Prekindergarten, Kindergarten, Grades 1 through 8 (individually), High School (collective designation for Grades 9 – 12)

Instructional goals of the lesson. Typically, one or more of the objectives will refer to the required TEKS criteria and one or more of the objectives will be nutrition-related.

Specific Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills requirements addressed in the lesson.
Assessment Criteria
Method(s) of evaluation of information retention. Typically this may be participation in class discussion or activities, completion of worksheets, or the creation of some novel material (writing assignment, craft or art project, etc.)

Resources and Materials
List of supplies required to complete the lesson. Lesson plans were developed to minimize the number, expense, and exotic nature of necessary supplies. Some materials – especially food preparation equipment – may be borrowed from the Food Service Personnel at your school.

Activities and Strategies
Background information related to the particular plan, specific instructions for the lesson, tips and reminders.

Extension Activities

  1. Additional activities that can continue the theme and emphasis of the lesson beyond the basic lesson plan; may include suggestions for in-class, in-school, or field-trip activities.
  2. These may require supplies beyond those listed in the “Resources and Materials” section.
    Food Services Activities and Web Links
  3. Some of the lesson plans are designed to be completed with the assistance of the Food Service Personnel (FSP) in your school.
  4. Other lesson plans include optional FSP-assisted activities that can be used to extend or reinforce the lesson objectives. Web links provide information and resource locations.
  5. If you require – or simply have interest about – additional background information prior to presenting a lesson plan, these sites would be good resources.

Team Nutrition Messages
Key idea(s) that the lesson promotes, e.g. Be physically active.

Additional Documents


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